Washington hosts the captivating North Cascades National Park, nestled between the charms of Eastern and Western Washington. The North Cascades Highway meanders through majestic mountain peaks and across breathtaking waterways, creating a scenic journey.

In the months without snow, we relish in the Thunder Knob Hike and the Diablo Dam Hike. These excursions can stand alone as memorable trips or be seamlessly combined into a single day of exploration. However, when winter blankets the landscape, the adventure takes an unpredictable turn. Progress may be halted, but that's the perfect moment to don snowshoes or cross-country skis and revel in the enchanting winter wonderland.

As you traverse through the small towns of ConcreteMarblemount, and Newhalem, you'll find options for bites to eat and essential gas stops. Yet, once within the park, amenities and cell signal become scarce until you reach the town of Mazama on the other side, when the pass is open.

During the drive, a must-stop is Gorge Creek Falls, offering an Instagram-worthy photo opportunity just off the roadside—a perfect chance to stretch your legs. With a few hours of driving, the North Cascades National Park can be a fulfilling day trip. Alternatively, if you prefer a more leisurely pace, there are accommodations and camping options within the park.

Consider Kings River Cabin, approximately 75 minutes from the park's entrance, and Blue Canyon, approximately 65 minutes away, as convenient launch points for a day trip, making both easily accessible for your adventure.