Mt. Baker stands proudly as our cherished home mountain, a gateway to endless adventures. While we frequently explore the wonders of the North Cascades National Park, Mt. Baker is the familiar haven in our backyard, offering quick day trips and a plethora of activities.

Approaching from different directions—whether navigating the scenic Valley Highway from Seattle, journeying east from Bellingham and I-5, or heading north from Vancouver—the journey culminates on the picturesque Mt. Baker Highway, leading us to our mountain retreat.

In winter, Mt. Baker transforms into a snowy paradise, attracting enthusiasts for slope riding, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. Renowned for hosting the largest ski area base in the country, Mt. Baker Ski Area is our ultimate destination. Yet, the journey itself is adorned with enticing spots. We often veer off Highway 542 for a lower elevation hike or make a delightful pit stop at the Wake-n-Bakery in Glacier for a pastry and a cup of coffee, fueling our day's escapade.

For those seeking a breathtaking spectacle with minimal effort, Nooksack Falls never disappoints, with its powerful water flow year-round. As the snow retreats, the Mt. Baker Wilderness area unveils some of the world's best hikes. From the Coleman Glacier via the Heliotrope Ridge Trail to the alpine meadows of Yellow Aster Butte , each location offers a canvas of picturesque scenery, easily accessible with a short drive and some hiking.

On our way home, the North Fork Brewery beckons as our favorite pit stop. Indulging in capicola and pineapple pizza with olive oil garlic sauce, steamer clams, and a refreshing Hefeweizen with a lemon slice, we savor the perfect ending to our day. They even fill growlers for those wanting to take home a taste of their IPAs or sours.

Before concluding our day's adventure, the Welcome Store is our go-to for snacks or a pint of ice cream. It's the final touch, ensuring our journey home is as delightful as the day's exploration.